You may have thought about putting in a lift when you struggled up the stairs. Think about it again! Because the cost of doing so has gone through the floor. Every dual level home owner should consider the installation of a Duo from Stiltz. Installation is very easy, no commercial lift complications, as this lift has been engineered specifically for plug and ride in the family home. Safety and convenience are the key.
  You can see from the pictures two people travel easily, not to mention a pet or a vacuum cleaner or that awkward bundle of ironing. We make installation easy, and we coordinate the process for you.
  The Duo technology means that local approvals are easy to get if required.
  Installations ate completed with little disruption or mess. For a very modest investment you can transform your home and make living easy for years to come and imagine the extra value you have added.
  Duo comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty, and the service requirement is minimal.
  The Duo has very little restrictions compared to a standard lift. Some of the features of the Duo are:
  - Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
  - 240V AC power supply
  - 375 lbs / 27 st / 170 Kg carrying capacity
  - Speed = 0.15m / second
  - Two-year parts & labour warranty
  Optional Comfort Features
  - Self-closing door
  - Folding seat
  - Custom finishes
  - Additional custom handrails
  - Remote monitoring
  Duo Safety Features
  - Vertical handrails
  - 'Hold to Run' controls
  - Full height light curtain
  - Over speed detection
  - Obstacle sensing covers
  - Standby power supply to lower
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