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Car Lifts with roof covering
   IP1-CM FB42
   IP1-CM DC41
   IP1-CM FF41
General Information
Car lift with drivable covering and 4 lateral columns without central encumbrance. This solution allows the complete opening of the door of the car. Pit is reduced to 70 cm and maximum capacity load is 2700 kg. The roof is telescopic with encumbrance above ground and with raised lift it is reduced to only 2.30 m. This reduced height allows the absence of side protections. Car lift has a lifting synchronization system through 4 ropes and 2 independent hydraulic cylinders positioned horizontally under parking floor./td>
- Car lift covering can be paved
- Car lift with 4 lateral columns without central encumbrance
- Pit depth 70 cm
- Capacty load max. 2700 Kg
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