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Electric car lift  
   IP1-HMR V12
   IP1-HMR V13
  General Information
Car lifts that have no hydraulic components, their operation is completely electric and equipped with a device for energy recovery similar to KERS used in Formula One (energy recovery system). During the descent of the equipment, the electrical power produced, about 40% of the engine power, is totally recovered and made available to users. At the same installed power, electric lifts are much faster than hydraulic ones. Systems with two side columns for travel up to 25 m or 50 m depending on the model. The engines of these systems feature electric brakes and inverter drive with vector control. The electrical operation saves energy and makes the electric car lift an eco-friendly solution. Systems suitable for installation indoors. Systems can also be used as a goods lift.
- Without driver / person on board
- Low energy consumption
- High level of operating and functional safety
- Safety from car theft
- Totally hot-dip galvanised with non-slip steel sheet tread platforms
- Suitable for residential units, terraced houses, villas, condominiums, renovations, companies and car dealerships