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Car Lifts with driver on board  
   IP1-HMT V07 with on board driver
   IP1-HMT V08 with on board driver
General Information
Car lift with driver on board: the driver can stay comfortably inside his car while it is being raised or lowered to the garage. System with two side columns for travel up to 11.90 m. The complete safety of the driver is guaranteed through a series of devices ranging from a photocell barrier protection which checks the exact positioning of the car on the platform to a system which checks the tension of the cables. A UPS device allows the descent and opening of the doors of the car lift even in the absence of electricity and provides an escape route to the user. The car lifts with driver on board can be equipped with radio remote control to call the empty platform directly from the car in the street. The system can be fitted with a dialler that allows the driver to contact the rescue centre operating 24 hours a day, in case of emergency. Systems suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
- on board driver during lifting or lowering of the car lift
- Instead of a traditional ramp to reach the parking floor to connect two or more levels,
  saving 50 /70 sq.mt, increasing number of parking stall
- Use of the surface space, which is usually dedicated to ramp, for garden or additiona parking spaces
- Antitheft safety
- "Top of Art" technology at the highest safety and quality standards
- Recommended for long term parking
- Ideal for family houses, hotels, rebuilding, new home building, residential buildings, condominiums,
  renovations, car dealing centres, retrofitting of city houses, accesses to garden or backyards